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House Groups at St. Mark's and St. Swithun's

What are House Groups?

House Groups are small groups of people from within the two churches of St. Swithun and St. Mark who meet together at various times and places each month, to learn and pray together.

How often do they meet?

Ideally groups meet every two weeks. That way if someone has to miss a meeting it is not too long until the next one.

What happens at a meeting?

During meetings the members of the group will pray and learn together, deepen friendships and spend time encouraging one another to learn and grow in faith. The aim is to help each other to live out their Christian faith in a practical, applied and whole life way.
The House Group is a place where burdens can be shared and joys celebrated together.

Where do they meet?

In homes around the parishes.

Why join a House Group?

House Group members are there to share their Christian lives and journeys together:

  • Caring for one another
  • Encouraging one another
  • Serving one another
  • Growing with one another
  • Deepening relationships

We all come with different levels of knowledge and understanding. House Groups welcome and embrace people where they are.

What do we discuss?

House groups discuss many different aspects of the Christian life, including the Bible, current affairs, moral and spiritual issues.

An example of the sort of material used could be a simple bible study course such as ‘Women of the Old Testament’ which proved to be an interesting study on a previous occasion. Leaders will be given help and guidance by the clergy if required.

Together members of house groups support one another as they grow in trust and friendship, becoming more confident Christians both individually and as the body of Christ here in Purley. In the wider context they can also become a vehicle for mission in the wider community as groups choose to focus on a particular need or project within the local community, responding in faith with commitment.

To find out more, please call Sue Young, our Parish secretary on Tuesday or Fridays, between 9.30am and 12.30pm, on 020 8763 9991, or email