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One of our Halls

One of our Halls

Like all churches St. Mark’s is dependent on volunteers to manage its work and mission

There are many ways you can be part of this, so please read further and see how you can help the church, make some new friends, and really feel part of the community.


A warm and friendly welcome at services is the most important thing when visiting a church for the first time.

Out team of sidespeople hands out service books, looks after the congregation during the service, takes the collection, and makes sure everyone knows what’s happening.


Our choir is a vital part of our sung services. If you have a voice, and like to sing, please think about joining this happy group of musicians.


A lot of work goes on to ensure that services run properly, and that everything runs smoothly. We have a team of readers, intercessors and servers who add something very important to the service. We also have a backstage team that makes sure that everything is properly setup for services: candles, communion silver, altar dressing, and all those things that we take for granted in a well-run service.


The flower team work hard to make the church a more beautiful place. They meet on Saturday mornings to arrange flowers and greenery according to the season.


The church is a large and old building, and needs regular care and attention. This is managed by the Thursday Group, which looks after the fabric of the church and halls. If you are at home with an electric drill or paintbrush come and see how you can help keep the church looking its best.


From refreshments after services to planning bigger events, the hospitality team makes sure that the congregation is refreshed more than spiritually.

Pastoral work

The church is always central to the community, and visiting the sick and elderly, taking them communion, shopping or giving lifts to hospital appointments, is very much part of what we are as a church.

If you feel you want to add something more to your life in the church, please get in touch with us.