Church and Hall Hire

Privacy Statement

We promise you:

  • To keep any information about you secure and available only to those who need to see it;
  • Not to pass on any information to any third party without your express permission (except where we are legally compelled so to do);
  • To allow you to know exactly what information is held at any time, when you ask us;
  • To delete any data you do not want us to hold;
  • Never to sell or give data to any organisation;
  • To consult you personally before adding any further information about you;
  • To behave ethically and to act always in both the letter and spirit of the law.

Why we want to hold information about you:

  • For the day-to-day administration of the benefice and its two churches;
  • So that we can tell you about our services, events, charitable work and initiatives;
  • To contact you or your next of kin in case of emergency;

More details may be found in the BPMS Data Protection Policy (available as a download through this website), or you can telephone the office on 020 8763 9991, or email at