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The Season of Trinity

We are now in the season of Trinity, when we follow in our services the teachings and ministry of Jesus, and look at our undertanding of the three persons of God.

When we recite the Creed we are making a statement of faith that is the result of many centuries of struggle against heresy, and is also an attempt to render the nature of God comprehensible.

God is three inseparable parts, faces or persons.

God is one, but composed of three distinct natures:

The Father is the creator, he made us and our universe, he is beyond human comprehension in his power, he is the beginning and end of everything we can and cannot sense.

The Son is one of us, he is fully human in his body, his emotions, his intellect. Yet he is also an equal part of God. He is Jesus Christ, the man of Nazareth and the Son of God.

The Holy Spirit emanates from God, he is perceived not physically, but emotionally.

The Trinity firstly places God over Creation - he is 'above' us, and it places God with the world through the death of Jesus - he is 'beside' us, and it affirms the eternal fact and purpose of the creation in the gift of the Holy Spirit - he is 'within' us.

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